Using Gingko in iOS

I just discovered Gingko this afternoon and have been playing around with it. I can see this becoming a go-to tool for the writing I do. But a comment / question / observation about using the web app in iOS.

Initially it seemed from comments here that it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done. Yet I find that it works fine on my iPhone, iOS 12.2, using the Chrome web browser. (Safari, not so well.) Before I commit to this, I want to make sure this works by design and isn’t just an accident. I really like the design of the app.

LATER COMMENT: I would expect to be doing most of my writing on a laptop. But I would like to be able to make occasional updates through a mobile device.

Yes, it’s by design. Though you’re right, Safari isn’t that well supported, and Chrome is a better way to go.

Actually, since previous post I’ve been using Safari on my iPhone and iPad, with onscreen and external keyboards, and haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t work.

OK, well, there’s one thing that doesn’t work, and I guess this relates to a Apple’s iron control over the browser engine is iOS. I mostly have one paragraph per card in Gingko, but I write long paragraphs, and it’s not unusual for me to reach the bottom of the visible text entry area. From that point on, any text I enter is hidden behind the keyboard.

Full screen editing of cards helps get around this when I’m using a hardware keyboard. But I haven’t found a way to invoke this from an on-screen keyboard. Is there (or could there be) any way this could be done?

On a touchscreen display, you should see some buttons at the bottom of the screen for common actions (new card, edit card, etc).

As far as I can tell from the code (it’s been a while since this part was written), the “edit” button should cause it to edit in fullscreen. Though maybe only in one orientation (landscape or portrait).

Or do you not see the buttons below, like this?

I see the buttons and use them constantly. But they don’t put me in full-screen edit mode, only in regular edit mode. Image hopefully attached.

Interesting… if I turn the phone to landscape mode, the same button does put me in full screen edit. Not really usable on the phone because the keyboard is so tall; BUT if I turn the phone back to portrait orientation, the full screen edit remains.

Thank you so much tadDavis, I have been searching for a resolution to that problem. I’ve only just created an account and that was putting me off as I like to edit my writing on the go on my iPhone. Not being able to see what I was typing would have been a deal-breaker. At least this is a work-around though.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the workaround and for posting.
I made it so that it’s always fullscreen in both orientations. Can you reload and try it, let me know if it works for you or not?


Initial test in iOS Safari looks good.