Template for thesis writing?

Has anyone made a template for creating and working with a PhD dissertation they would like to share? I know gingko was made to deal with this kind of writing more efficiently, and I am about to give it a go. I found a blog post from 2015 where an “organic thesis” template was mentioned, but I have not been able to find it anywhere.

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All Ive seen is the Academic Paper template option when creating a new tree.

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I’m sorry, it seems I had removed the link to the Organic Thesis for some reason. I updated to blog post with the link:

Let me know if it helps. I’ll probably be updating it for inclusion in the desktop version at some point, so it’d be helpful to know.

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: I did actually find the link to it here https://gingkoapp.com/sitemap.txt, and copied the url, and found the template. I’ve started using it, I have bought a subscription to try it out properly, I am also trying it out with my supervisor (sharing my tree with him), and I have recommended people check out your app on a fb group for PhDs and early career academics. I have made my own template for academic talks - you can have that if it would be useful? (Also, and unrelated: consider integrating with Qiqqa for reference managment! They have a similar story to yours in wanting to do PhD work quicker. http://www.qiqqa.com/ )

Looking at it, I’m not 100% sure the https://gingkoapp.com/sitemap.txt page should be open like that?

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The only pages that show up there are those that the users have chosen to be “Public on the web”.
All other modes are private (including “Anyone with link”, which makes the trees viewable, but remain unlisted).


Given the above, are you still concerned?
Do I need to change the wording to make it clearer?

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Hehe - no then people have themselves to thank :slight_smile: I just saw content there that felt…personal to other people, and I was not sure it was meant to be.

Understood. If you get a chance, could you send me a private message with some of these more “personal” trees? I’ll contact their owners and see if they understood the implications of creating a public URL.