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I am loving working in Gingko so far, and find the ability to use tags on my content extremely useful. But as I type in tags while I’m creating my content, it is not always an extremely conscious process: it might be a way of highlighting an idea I have there and then. Hence, after a writing burst, I might have created a tag, but when I go back later in the week, I might not remember what it was… For such reasons, and just for getting a general overview of what my content is about, it would be very useful to have a tag cloud or tag list. I would like to have both, a list and then a cloud along the line of word clouds based on documents, where the most used tags are in the bigger font/emphasis.

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Thanks for the idea, @Elin!

What I could do is provide an auto-suggestion list with all your current tags, when you start typing the tag characters in search.

Tag cloud seems a little beyond the scope though. Can you tell me more about why you want to know your most/least used tags?

Hi Adriano
Thank you for asking! :slight_smile:
Auto-suggestion would be useful: one of the things I see that what I do, is to make almost-identical tags as I type. I might be writing about interpretive practices, and write # intprac and on another occasion write # interprac . Perhaps that’s me just not having good enough practices myself, but when I am in that deep flow of writing, I want to just be able to tag my content when I have that epiphany of “oh - this connects to this! let me tag it for later review”. With auto-suggestion that would become more consistent for sure.

The reason for wanting a list or preferably a cloud of tags is as an aid to the writing project and process on a larger scale. Gingko is great for dealing with large amounts of info - I love the drag and drop cards process. My dissertation is evolving much more organically this way. But sometimes you might think that you are emphasising a topic or an argument, but you are actually putting in a lot of content related to something else. A cloud with larger fond types for the most used words or most used tags, makes the topical distribution/frequency immediately visible. Maybe you have even tagged content with tags you have forgotten: in that focused flow I want to tag and “forget” and keep on writing. But without anywhere to see which tags I have used, I cannot even necessarily search for tags to get all content tagged with a label - because I do not know it exists (my tags are often abbreviations for long philosophical concepts).
Could this be solved by opening a different tool in a new window/tab? There are online tools that let you generate such word clouds - integration possible? Just a thought.

Again - thank you for taking an interest and asking!
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Hi Elin,

If your tree is public (or has an ‘unlisted’ url with “Who can view? > Anyone with link”), you can use a tool like
https://tagcrowd.com/ and select (from webpage url), and put in your tree URL.

For example, here’s the tag cloud for https://gingkoapp.com/romeo-and-juliet.txt: