Syncing desktop and web-version

Having both, I was wondering if there is a way to sync the desktop version with the web version.

There’s no way to sync automatically yet, but you can import/export between the two.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating desktop -> web.
I am aware that it’s a lot more steps than it needs to be!
I’ll be improving this as time goes on… keeping in mind that full and automatic sync will happen eventually.

For the reverse (web -> desktop), export JSON from web, save that file, and in desktop do “File > Import JSON”.

I tried that and got a card full of code on my macbook.

Can you give me more details, so I can help…

Are you trying web -> desktop, or vice versa?

I figured it out, it seems I was not doing shift command return, just hitting command V. My sincerest oops.

I simplified this now: Just go to “my gingko trees > New Tree”, and you’ll find “Import JSON” as one of the options.