Roadmap of Gingko Desktop development

In the month of April I asked:
There are two main points I would like to get clarified:

  1. When is foreseen the final version of Gingko Desktop?
    Considering that the present version is running since January and no update has been seen as on today, I really would like to know whether or not a roadmap exists for Gingko Desktop.


Hi Gianni,

I’ve posted a progress update here:

Doing the best I can :slight_smile:

This looks great! Any idea when it will be in place?

I accidentally deleted a subtree in my “Timeline” tree that I was using as a multi-level journal like you’ve described in other YouTube videos, but I didn’t notice until after “undo” was unavailable to me, so the ability to roll back as you describe here would have been great :slight_smile:

Hi @bobman,

You can still access and restore deleted subtrees by going to “Show Trash” in the gear menu (top right).