New to markdown - should I invest in gingko...?

This may sound too simple, but please bear with me.
My programming language skills are limited, mostly used in R for statistics.
But, I think this a great tool, and looks to be just the ticket for me right now as I work on a big writing project.
I am new to markdown language, and wondering how much of a “learning curve” I should expect if I decide to commit to using gingko?
I’m inclined to stick to a tool that wouldn’t require learning a new language, but I really like the idea behind gingko!
Any advice from any other novice programming language users?

Hi fishtracker,

Dont be afraid by Markdown !

  1. it is not a programming language but a markup language or formatting language (like HTML if you like)
  2. the learning curve for markdown is very light and progressive : the more you use it, the more you memorise it.
  3. you can start without markdown but you will miss formatting (I mean you always hace the GingkoApp functionnalities) as you really like it


  • use the shortcut CTRL+M in GingkoApp to view the markdown help
  • or just print a memo and put it on your desktop

Hope this helps :wink:

I know this question was posed years ago…but I think it probably comes up for people often. If you’re just learning how to use Gingko, or got away from it for a while. Adriano linked to this markdown tutorial page somewhere - I’m posting it here as well: 10 Minute Markdown Tutorial.

This tutorial will give you the tools you need to use Gingko effectively. Once you have mastery over a few of these you can laser-focus on your novel, company idea, screenplay…and the genius in that, is up to you!