Making tree list alphabetical by default, or gving sort options


In my personal case, I would very much l like there to at least be an option to make the tree list alphabetical, because I’m creating a large number of trees, and presenting them only in the reverse-create-order (at least that’s what it seems).

Having varioius options like creation order, alphabetical, most edited (and their inverses) would be a nice option.




Totally second this. Another nice thing would be the ability to manually reorder them by dragging them around.
Or maybe put them into folders… entire tree-structures… a Meta-Gingko… :wink:


:point_up:t3:: I really second this. Traversing through a single list of many trees takes a while. Though the search function among tree titles is handy, it’d be nice to have some filing or sorting mechanism for the trees you create

Would be awesome to há some kind of file organization to store the trees by projects, personal, etc

A meta gingko would be nice, but it’s not a priority given all the other things I want to work on.

This isn’t ideal, but it does get many of us 80% of the way there (perhaps):
Create a tree (called “Index” for example), and mark it as favorite so it shows up at the top of the list, and in that tree organize links however you like.