Is Gingko Desktop still under active development?

Or is it a case of grab the money and run?
Just to know.

I’ve been wondering about the same thing. Have been having problems zooming out of the cards and wrote a bunch of emails about it but no response

Yep, it’s a bit of a worry alright.

I posted a question a while ago (on something else) … still nothing from Adriano.

Does anyone know a good alternative to Gingko, where the developer(s) are clearly still around and respond to users’ questions etc.?

I’d recommend Obsidian at . It’s also driven by Electron, Markdown and CSS, and further has an API, plug-ins and a fanatical user community. Its developers have brought it from v. 0.01 on March 30 to v. 0.9.10 today; their progress has been absolutely breathtaking. Obsidian associates its notes more by tags and less by hierarchies than Gingko does, but with greater display versatility.

Gingko Desktop still has great potential as a subsystem for more comprehensive packages rather than as a standalone project. It’d be a great improvement over Scrivener’s Index Cards, for example, keyed against the same data. I hope Adriano will consider licensing and supporting his wonderful creation in a more sustainable way.

Rgds - Jerome

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I use Obsidian and I agree that it is a great piece of software. However, it can’t replace Gingko, whose potential is killed by the fact that there is no commitment on the part of Adriano, whose nice words do not correspond to the facts.
There are no replies to the posts, apart from the automatic ones where it says that the mail is read once a week, a commitment that is not respected anyway.
Frankly I would prefer it clearly stated if this software can still be counted on in the future.
I spent $ 45 to fund beta-stage software, and after a long time I see no willingness to develop.

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Yes. Happy to see Adriano is again active in Gingko Desktop’s visible Github libraries. This page shows about 40 “actions” in the past five days. (Somehow none in the ten months prior, though there were releases in that time.)

Thanks Gianni maybe your inquiry here helped get things going.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks Jerome. I just hope the effort to improve the application be consistent in the future.

Hi all,

Gingko Desktop is under active development. It’s not showing up on the main branch, because what I’ve been focusing all my energy on lately is getting the web interface working for it. (see announcement here: New Gingko Web Version (open beta))

You can see I’ve made plenty of changes to the code here (355 commits since last Desktop release):

Two mistakes I can see clearly in retrospect:

First: It was always my plan to have a new web version and develop it alongside the desktop version. But it was a mistake to start with the desktop one, because it’s more difficult to take a desktop app and make it a web app, than it is to take a web app and make it desktop one. For web -> desktop, I just need to add things (local and persistent storage, local versions of the files, etc), but the same is not true going the other way.

What that means is, it’s going to take me some time to bring all the changes I made back into the desktop version.

Second, I’ve consistently underestimated how much time I need to devote to user communication, and I’ve confused things by providing multiple ways of getting in touch with me (posts on these forums, private messages here, support email, github issues, and support tickets through the desktop app). End result: I haven’t been happy with my lack of responsiveness on any of these channels of communication. I plan to fix this as I slowly migrate away from v1 web app, and consolidate v2 desktop & web. I’ll be moving to just one support email, no “help desk” tickets, and no forums.

I’m sorry about not being around lately. I hope that after simplifying my communication channels, I’ll be able to be more responsive to you all.

PS: Yes, Obsidian is an inspiring example, and I’ve used it myself as well. Not for the same use cases as Gingko in my case, but still worth a look for looser notes.

That’s such a pity, not saying that I am an expert but in my humble opinion you need more engagement with the community, definitely not less… this forum was the only small thing that gave an indication that there were anyone using this tool.

I love the idea and I think the software is pretty good (if really raw and unpolished) but one of the problems of this software is that there is no community at all, people ask questions here and nobody answers, there is not a reddit people can go to answer questions either. This is it. And lets face this forum is pretty dead, if you are not going to even answer questions here even once a month, what is the point of the forum at all?

People are going to keep finding similar problems and challenges when using a program, that is the point of a forum, users can learn from previous questions without you having to answer the same question over and over via email. At this point you are the only person able to answer most of the questions.

If you want a community that regularly use your tool, care for it and can answer questions here, you need to engage more with people, not less. I guess one way would be finding ways in which people can contribute and improve the things they do with the application, make easy to create custom looks, extensions, css styles, give free subscriptions to people take care of the forum and answers questions, or people that make custom looks or behaviors… I don’t know, it is your creation, you are the one that has to make the decisions here, but it’s a pity this seems to be slowly dying when it was so promising.

I would be delighted to be wrong and see the program healthily evolving and the community flowering in the next months. I will give it another go, but for example I stopped working with it because I didn’t know how to use it with Latex, how to use a workflow that made sense to be able to render a pdf later. I searched here and couldn’t find answers to my questions. I saw the forum was dead and nobody was answering questions and I gave up on the application, that was a few months back… I’m sure there are gonna be plenty of people like me with other doubts and questions that just give up on the application as well.

I wrote all this and right now I’m wondering if all of it is pointless, not sure when the “no forum” policy starts :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I hope you find a way to make it work, good luck!

Hi @csarmendariz, thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts on this.

I think you’re right, an active forum would be a great way to cultivate a community around this tool. I’m not saying I won’t bring it back at some point.

this forum was the only small thing that gave an indication that there were anyone using this tool.

This also goes both ways, in that this forum has also become an indication of inactivity.

In other words, if I’m to have a forum, I’d have to commit to it more fully than I have. Until I’m sure that I will be able to do that and develop the software, and answer direct/individual support questions, then I’d be spreading myself thin (as now, where I have 5 separate channels of contact, which is way more than I can manage).

I won’t shut these down for some time until after the migration to the new versions are complete. But for now, I don’t plan on redeploying it.

Thanks for the words of encouragement :slight_smile:. I hope that the relaunch of the new version will help bring some life back into this project.

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Thanks for the thoughtful answer answer @Adriano,

That is a good point.

I’m going to give it another go for my next paper. I would love to work on the ideas and main writing in Gingko and then somehow transition to finish it up in Overleaf for the final formatting, references, tables and figures… that would be pretty great. I’ll be trying the collaboration features for the first time as well.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Regarding “Overleaf” export, there isn’t a way to do it directly from Gingko, but you can use a tool like pandoc to convert it to a LaTeX file for Overleaf. Online version here:

Some time is a meaningless statement. Please, specify how much.

Between 2 months and a year, is the smallest range estimate I can give you at this point. There are a lot of unknowns, so can’t be more precise.

It’s a shame the Gingko V2 is still no compatble with the older version. Not as polished the old one and missign a lot of features.

I would like Gingko to already have a great and famous team on the market, unfortunately it is not the case and development suffers from it.

Unfortunately there is no (never found) an application similar to Gingko (cards, branches and all) where it was succinding. Wich is a shame, because the way Gingko works is incredible for my writing

Is there any news regarding Gingko Desktop development? Your replay will be highly appreciated.
Best regards

Hi Gianni,

Still no additional news on when I’ll bring Desktop up to date with latest version.

There are many people asking for other things too, so I have to go by the overall priority (which isn’t always the same as any one person’s priority).

I’ll make a newsletter announcement when it’s updated.