Introducing GingkNext

GingkNext : An alternative Gingko doc viewer (for legacy Gingko v1 documents) with support to sync card display with host user for live hosting room sessions.

First release working POC (Proof of Concept) at the time of this posting.

Hosted at:

I created this mainly (and quickly) to try out React hooks , RoomService and NextJS. Development of this will change over time as of now this is only a Proof of Concept.

Room sessions

To set up a room, click on the Top right hand corner Bell icon while viewing a doc tree via /{treeid}, and once the URL in address bar changes to /room/{roomid}, you can share the URL in the address bar for others to join a room session.

Embed feature (no interface)

You can emb the /{treeid} viewing URL by appending ?emb query string at the end of the URL, which can be useful for iframe embed viewing and such as it won’t show the accompanying application user GUI and only show the document itself.