Import JSON does not work


I’m trying to export part of a big tree and then import it into another. I’ve exported the JSON OK, but when I create a new tree and select Import JSON it just results in a blank tree, although the name of the tree does change to the name of the file imported.

I’ve tried this on Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.

It would be great if you could fix this.


Hi there.

Unfortunately, big trees can choke up the import. You can try copy pasting portions of the big tree?
When not in edit mode: Ctrl+C in a (smaller subsection) of your big tree, then Ctrl+V in the new blank one.

Does that help?


I had tried Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V before, but I’d not done it directly into the tree, but in editing mode. Dopey move, I know. Your implementation is great.



Do you know what it is that causes the choking? I sometimes get it when pasting on to a tree that’s already big, but new ones, and fairly clean ones seem to be find.