How do I change my password?

I can’t see any way to access or change my account information when I’m signed in. The gear icon doesn’t show any way to change my password, nor does the shortcut menu. I also don’t see any link to a profile or settings page. Please help.



I came to the community to also see how to change my password. Is there really no way to change what was originally put in? I’m trying to stay up on good security practice by changing passwords regularly. Seems odd to not have this ability.

Is there really no way to change my password? I would love to continue using this app but if I 1) cannot simply change my password and 2) get a reply from anyone then I’m afraid I’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m in academics and would love to support an app like this for both faculty and student usage but support is very important.

Really sucks that the developer or anyone else involved with the Gingko software can’t answer this simple question. Since I am getting ready to do a large amount of writing, I was more than happy to help “support” the development of this software but seeing as there seems to be no one able to answer this question, looks like I’ll have to find an alternative.

I share this concern. I initially signed up using one password for the trial. I would like to change it, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to do so. Given the importance (to me) of some of the text I would be adding, this would be a show-stopper.

I originally thought I couldn’t change the community password either, but I just saw how that can be done.

No response after almost 2 weeks?

I LOVE THIS APP, but I can’t use it if I can’t change the password.

Still no reply. I’m desperate. Gingko fits my way of thinking and working like hand to glove. But I have to change my original password.

The only way I can see to do that is to download JSON exports of all my files; create a new account with a different password; import the files into the new account; delete the old account.

Of course, if I can’t create a new account with same email, I’ll have to change the order of the steps.

Does anyone know an easier way to do this? I love this program, but password control is essential.

Secondary to that, but still important, is integration with Dropbox or iCloud. I haven’t looked into that yet, though I have manually downloaded JSON backups of my files to a Dropbox folder.

And STILL no reply. I’ve moved on to other software (in this case, iaWriter). But I’m staying in touch here. If two changes are made, I’ll be back on Gingko in a heartbeat. It’s the best writing program I’ve ever used.

The changes I need are (1) ability to change password, (2) either integration with a third-party cloud service OR the ability to download a backup JSON file of all outlines with a canned process.

Hi there,

First, here’s the reset link:

… which I’ve now added to the FAQ.

Second, It seems that there’s some confusion here about my intended purpose for these forums. They’re here so that users can help other users, and as a knowledge repository of problems and solutions. Both of these saves me a great deal of time (of which I have very little), so a big thank you to everyone who’s asked and answered here :slightly_smiling_face:!

For account issues, you should be contacting me directly (, and I’ll help get you sorted out. As far as I can tell, Tad only contacted me via support email 2 days ago, and I sent him the reset link right away.

In any case, I absolutely shouldn’t let so much time go by without checking in on the forums, so I’m sorry about that… I know it’s been to long when I end up getting “are you alive/ok?” emails :sweat_smile: .

Just wanted to note that I’m all squared away and am a happy camper.