Gingko thinks I'm offline for some reason

In the process of saving a card, I just got a pop-up window with the text

“The card was not saved. Make sure you are online, and try again. (If you are not online, do not refresh the page)”

Also, the border of the card I was in the process of saving was coloured red.

I am, however, clearly online, as evidenced from my other browser activities :-/ Any idea what might be the cause? When I tried to log into Gingkoapp on my Windows desktop computer (Firefox), I got an error notification as well, preventing me from logging in at all… :neutral_face:

Any idea what might be going on here?

Kind regards,


same here.
If I reload the page or close/reopen browser, it always drops into offline mode after a second or two, but it is online for a moment. E.g., I was able to export my tree being really quick with the mouse.
Fortunately, reloading didn’t cost me any data. (that is good!)

Aaand… it’s working fine again. Weird! :confused:

Hi all,

This happens when the server is down briefly, as it was this morning (user base growing, so had to upgrade the server!).

When Gingko can’t reach the server, it kicks into Offline Mode and saves locally.

Sorry about that!
Maybe message should be clearer.

Thanks for the explanation - a concrete notification of when the server is down briefly would indeed be helpful. Good to hear the user base is growing!

Five years later I got the same error. :smiley:
Since yesterday the Online Gingko does not save any of my edits. Can anybody confirm that the server is down again?