Gingko Desktop - New Release: 0.1.5

Here are the changes in the latest version:

[0.1.5] - 2017-08-29

  • Mac: Cut/Copy/Paste added to Menu. Should fix “can’t copy/paste” on macOS.
  • Export to JSON feature available again.
  • Fixed “Can’t add cards above/below first card”.
  • Fixed “Changes lost if I create new card while in edit mode” bug.
  • Removed unused “License/Purchase” options from Help menu.
  • Fixed “Contact Support” not working.

As usual, you can get the latest by downloading from here:

I’ll try to get auto-updating working soon, so that you don’t have to download this every time I publish a new version.

Thanks all!
Please let me know your feedback here.
And be patient this time around (still family health issues being dealt with).

Back compatibility with version 0.1.4 is lost. This is disturbing. Also the old JSON version does not get imported.

Closing a chart after editing with the bottom right check does not work. You have to add the Esc key. This is also disturbing.

Working on Windows 10.

Hi @Gianni,

I haven’t had issues with back-compatibility with 0.1.4, other than the fact that the root card is now hidden (in order to have the “create cards above/below the first” behavior that people have come to expect). It’s contents can always be recovered by opening the file as text.

Could you send me (private message or email) the file that you weren’t able to import into 0.1.5. I’ll look into it.

As for “closing with bottom right check”… oops, sorry about that.
I am so used to saving cards with “Ctrl + Enter” shortcut, that I forgot to implement that.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming!

When I open a file with the current gingko desktop beta (version 0.1.5, windows 10, using the normal open file function), the first column appears centered, as it should, but the other columns towards the right appear scrolled as far down as possible.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback so far.
Here are a couple things I’m still awaiting feedback on:

  1. Copy/Paste on Mac: is it working now?
  2. Import JSON on Mac: is it working now?
  3. Exporting to JSON: have you tried doing so? If so, did it import to web version correctly?
  4. Has anyone else besides @Gianni had issues with backwards-compatibility?

Let me know :slight_smile:

I have not experienced any backwards compatibility issues, personally.

Hi Adriano,

This version feels much more solid.

The Copy/Paste and Import/Export JSON all work beautifully now on Mac. However, the Zoom In and Zoom Out do not yet work, either with the key shortcuts or the menu selections.

Also, I have noticed a sizing and scrolling issue when not expanded to full screen. The cards remain about 2 inches in size, and when scrolling to the right with the arrow key to a row off the screen, it is not possible to scroll all the way back left to the cards in the first row.

Thanks again for your steady progress on this desktop version. Its value grows with each new release.


Thanks @Hoanui and @Michael.

I haven’t noticed the sizing/scrolling issue. Will see if I can replicate.

FYI: I already fixed the following for next release:

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out
  • Columns too narrow

I have done some light testing, by creating a new file with multiple columns to see if the scrolling issue I reported earlier was specific to the original file, and it is not, as it also happened to the new file.

Thanks @Hoanui .
I’ll fix for next release.

Just discovered that JSON exporting has a bug in it, so it won’t import into the web version without manual processing. If you need to export from Desktop to web version (and you can’t wait until I fix this on next release), email me your JSON from the email address you use for, and I’ll import it for you.

On a personal note: I’m trying my best to stay on top of releases and fixes, but I think it’s important that you know that we’re going through a tough time here at the household. My wife’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple weeks ago. We’ve both cut back on our work hours, and are spending as much time with her as possible. How you can help: keep the feedback coming, but understand that fixes will be slower than I’d like. Thanks!

PS: This is a long-shot, but if you know anyone that works at the Ottawa Hospital, please message me privately.

New version released: Gingko Desktop - 0.1.6

Wasn’t able to address the “not scrolled on open” issue that @Hoanui reported, but I did notice and fix other scrolling issues, and a bunch of other bugs. See post linked above for details.