Gingko Desktop and Gingko Web App

Hi. I have been finding the Web app in Windows/Chrome to be very useful tool and I am thinking about paying for it. I also noticed that there is a desktop app available now (February 2018) for purchase.

Are the web app and the desktop program compatible i.e can they share data? If so I would buy the desktop app and sync with the web, but I am not sure whether that is possible.

I assume that the web version will continue to be provided for some time.

I tried to clarify things here: , let me know if it answers your questions.
If it doesn’t, please let me know what you’re still confused about, so I can improve it.

Basic answer: they are compatible and can share data (but don’t sync automatically). And the web version will continue for a while, until it’s replaced by a new web version based on the desktop one.

Does that help?