Gingko Desktop - 0.1.6

Changes [0.1.6] - 2017-09-12

  • Fixed JSON export. Format was incorrect and didn’t import to web version.
  • Save by clicking checkmark now works.
  • Replaced Drift with simpler email + phone support.
  • Columns widths increased to 450px minimum.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling bug from 0.1.5 (was out of sync with columns).
  • Readded ability to zoom-in/zoom-out.

As usual, you can get the latest by downloading from here:

Note: at least one user has had the following issue:

On making a very large tree (~500 cards), saving to gko file seemed to work, but loading it later didn’t work. All the data was still there in the file (including full version history), but for some reason the pointer to the last version wasn’t stored. So Gingko didn’t know how to build the tree or the history.

I corrected it by finding the last commit and manually adding that pointer. If this happens at all for any of you, please post here, as it’s a very important bug to fix.

Hi Adriano, it’s me again with some more comments on version 0.1.6 (PC desktop)

  1. I can open a file on the web (say the Ancient Greek History one), export as json to by hard drive. This it does fine.
  2. Fire up desktop Gingko, and import same json from hard drive.
  3. Ancient Greek History opens fine.
  4. Save the same file as .gko to hard drive. This appears to be OK, as there is such a new file in the folder. Close desktop Gingko
  5. Open desktop Gingko, and try to open this new .gko file – nothing happens, yet when I close Gingko, it asks if I want to save or quit without saving.
  6. Also, files created and saved in desktop mode (with 0.1.6) open and close without any problem. These are very limited test files, with little or no data except a few numerics.
    Please come back if I can be of any more help (simple user help that is :))

My system is a HP Pavilion laptop, windows 10 Home 64 bit, 8GB ram, AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 2.20 GHz

Best regards

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for posting your issue here in detail. I believe I know how to fix this one, will post back when I do.

In the meantime: I think that it might be possible to fix this by: opening a JSON, then making one or two small changes, before saving as *.gko. Haven’t been able to test that yet, though.

Hi again, @ajbrads

I decided to fix this one issue and make a new release: