Gingko 2 - Out of Beta! 0.8.0

Hi. Rediscovering Gingko, and pleasantly surprised with a desktop version just out of beta. I’ve downloaded 0.8.3, and it won’t install on my Windows 10 system. How can I send you the setup log?


I’ve been playing with the most recent build on my Mac. The current color scheme is wonderful and I love having a desktop app to use Gingko in. Great work!

Some quick friction points:

  • ⌘ + right in edit mode creates a new card => this overrides the standard jumping to the end of line in Mac which has caused a lot of mis-creation of cards (note that ⌘ + left does the standard jump to beginning of line)
  • ⌘ + enter as a toggle to enter/exit edit mode in the online version versus enter to edit and ⌘ + enter to leave => Mode toggle as a single command like on the online version makes more sense to me than having it as separate commands

I’ll add more as I play.

@jmat I’m changing the installer I’m using for windows, so it’ll most likley not be an issue on the next 0.8.4 release.

@kjxymzy The Cmd+arrows bug is fixed for 0.8.4. As for Cmd+Enter to toggle, I’ll add that to the following release (in addition to regular Enter). I preferred Enter first, because it’s just one key that’s easily accessible from home row.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
Thing have been slow lately, because I’m working to get the certificates etc to have my installers verified… not fun, but necessary

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Thx for the update @Adriano!

Hi, and well done, the evolution of the desktop is outstanding!

Would it be possible to have a 32-bit Linux version?

Hi, Awesome Work there!

Just got myself the desktop version and wanted to ask you if you will be adding a way to export in Ginko format from the web-app to the Desktop version. Direct synch would also be pretty cool.

But nonetheless, thank you for the hard work!

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Hi there.

I plan to provide more build targets (as many as I can), once I get the build process more streamlined. It’s, unfortunately, a lot of work to build for all platforms.

As for the sync, yes you can already export/import from web to/from desktop, using the JSON format.

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Hi Adriano

a) wooooooooooo! I’m so happy for you!! (and also for me, and the world in general, because gingko is awesome!)

b) just downloaded the trial 0.8.4 (on High Sierra 10.13.2) played around with it a bit and have a few comments
(also a list of known bugs somewhere (and differences between the web and desktop implementations) would be good - don’t want to bug you with stuff you’re already well aware of!)

  1. minor quibble: when I import a json, blank cards are getting added into my tree for no reason (seems to be one added under the first card in each of the first three columns)

  2. another minor quibble: help isn’t fleshed out - mostly ran into this while trying to figure out whether something exists in the desktop version that I’m used to in the web version.

  3. undo and redo are greyed out in the menu bar and non-functioning

  4. no search function - this in particular is enough to make the desktop version unusable for me

  5. (I’m pretty sure you’re aware of this but) adding pictures to cards. This is currently a major part of one of my online trees and while it imports fine, I’d like to be able to add pictures within the desktop version

  6. I did get something weird moving cards around but I haven’t been able to reproduce it so it’s probably fine/it was just me - tried to move a card, I think I dropped it nowhere so it shouldn’t have moved but instead it disappeared. The next time I moved a card the “disappeared” one magically reappeared under the newly moved one.

feature request: ok so I’m not really sure how this would work, but perhaps something to think about. Also perhaps too annoying or complicated to actually implement.
I was trying to figure out how to use gingko with a bibliography or anything where you’d want to reference one card in multiple other cards in various places in the tree, like equations/methods/etc.
One way would be to copy/paste whole cards and put them in a lower branch but copy/pasting whole cards doesn’t exist yet and I can see this being confusing within the overall structure. Tags could be another workaround for this, but for referencing a bibliography that’s far too dependent on remembering which stupid tag you gave to which stupid reference, which I can never do!

What I really want is a way to refer to other cards in the tree without moving them. E.g. something where while you’re editing cardA you could write \ref and then move around the tree and click on the card you want to reference, cardB. Then in non-edit mode with the finished cardA text you’d get something like ->cardB which you could click on and it would take you to that card in the tree.

On a similar note a bunch of times when editing a card I want to copy/paste something from another card without having to exit edit mode, go to the other card, go into edit mode on that thing, select and copy stuff, go back into edit mode on the original card and then paste it.

Thanks again for bringing gingko into all our lives!

Hi Kathryn.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

I’ll come back to the feature request later. Right now I’m focusing on stability, and getting all the must-have/I-really-miss features into the desktop version.

You’re right that a list of known bugs would be good. I’ll start working on that.

  1. I believe that’s an issue with JSON export on the web app. Annoying, but not worth digging into right now.

  2. Agreed, help is practically non-existant! I’m going to add it before launching more widely, especially for people for whom the desktop version is the first and only version of Gingko that they’ll have tried.

  3. Undo and redo are an important feature that I’ll be working on. Thanks for reminding me to prioritize it.

  4. Yes, I agree that’s a useful feature. It’s on the list.

  5. Adding pictures that work when offline (ie. locally), is a little more work than adding pictures in the web version. You can still add any online image to the desktop version using the same ![caption]( syntax, though.

  6. I’ll have to do more testing, but so far, I’ve not had any reproducible bugs with drag and drop. Not saying they’re not there, just that I have nothing to go on right now.

Again, thanks for all the feedback. I’ll come back to your other ideas (referring to cards), once I the desktop app has all the important features of the web one.

Hi all - the desktop app has been so helpful, thanks, Adriano - but I’m having a big problem at the moment. I’m using it on a Mac, and as of today my big essay file won’t open - when I load Gingko, it offers a new document, which I can edit just fine, but I can’t open a preexisting file. I tried to open a new document (getting rid of the one opened on startup) and got the following error message:


I have my important file saved, but when I’ve been saving my files it doesn’t state what type of file they are (my Mac lists it as a document, maybe as that was what it tried to open it with), and I have a copy saved as a .json.

My computer was stalling last night when I tried to save my file, and so it’s possible that the save didn’t complete properly or something was corrupted, but I really have no idea. I’ve deleted and reinstalled Gingko several times, but that hasn’t changed anything.

I don’t know anything about coding or using json - I’ve tried putting it into a json viewer but just got a lot of formatting and it seems like individual cards are repeated several times throughout the file, but not consistently with the same contents - e.g. a long card might appear in full only once or twice, but have many parts of it repeated.

I’m kind of at wit’s end - I don’t know how to retrieve anything other than chunks of text from the .json, which make barely any sense because they’re out of order and split up weirdly.

Has anyone had this problem? Is there a way to extract the text from the json file, Would it be possible even for me to send someone the file and see if it can open on their Gingko, and for them to export it into a Word document or something similar? Thanks so much if you’re able to help.

(@cjgt3 contacted me via in-app chat as well, and we were able to resolve this, with all his data intact)


I’ve just installed Gingko 2 Dekstop on to my Ubuntu machine and it works beautifully - thanks very much Adriano! The word count is also really handy :slight_smile:

One question for other users - is there any way of adding in a spell checker to this? Or is this feature on the todo list?

Thanks very much!
Best wishes,

Thanks for the encouragement and support, @nickbearman.
Spell check is on the todo list!

Should work just like online version when it’s done.

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