"Gingko 2" beta - 0.2.0

I’ve finally managed to get Gingko to auto-update, at least on Windows and Linux (for now… Mac is coming up).

This might not seem like a big deal, but once the (inevitable) bugs are sorted out with this, it means I can focus on making Gingko Desktop better for you, and you’ll be able to get the latest version with one click.

Get the latest version here:

Let me know if/when you have any issues, by replying to this thread.

PS: I’m starting to use the term “Gingko 2” instead of “Gingko Desktop”, because the idea is that I’ll be using the same code for all platforms, including the web. So this will eventually replace the current https://gingkoapp.com site. Thoughts?

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Hi Adriano.
Greetings for Gingko 2!
I don’t understand well what means to replace the current gingkoapp site. It won’t be online any more?

There’s not yet a Mac version?

I suppose I need to clarify about “replacing gingkoapp”, since more than one person has expressed concerns.

Not to worry, there will be a website as well, just like there is now. All I’m saying is that it’ll be a new version of the website, based on the same code as the desktop version. And it’ll sync with desktop versions.

You’ll still be able to open any browser, on any device, and log in.

Hope that answers your question!

@ansont , sorry there isn’t a new Mac version. But the old version (0.1.7) is still there (it was hidden under “Previous Versions” folder, but I moved it just now to avoid confusion).


I think it makes perfect sense to unify the code as much as possible. It would simplify coding changes, feature implementation, and make the user experience as consistent as possible between platforms.

The spot update notification and update process is a big plus!

Gingko Setup 0.2.0.exe
Windows 10 Home
Version: 1709
OS Build: 16299.19

  1. Using Red Text ( ` ) for long texts gets cut off and does not wrap around within the text box. Also the text isn’t red at all, it is black with light red/pink box outline.

  2. If you click on a website link you put inside a box, you can’t go back to your work or exit.

  3. Todo List [X] and [ ] doesn’t work.

  4. Line gaps between the current and next line becomes very small when using small headers like ###### even when there’s blank space in between.

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Thanks @jimkricket, for the details!

All are on my list now. Number 2 is most urgent, so that’ll be fixed in next release.

My pleasure!

Love your program. =D

I think I’ve found out something new about the bug that I’ve reported at: Gingko Desktop - New Release: 0.1.5 (Still on Windows 10, but now on version 0.2.1)

When I open gingko and I find myself with the blank card that appears when the application starts up, if I scroll it, and then open another file, the other file’s left most column’s top card’s position is the same as the blank card previously had.

And if I change the alignment of the cards and then open another file, the new file repeats the alignment issue shown in the previous image.

It’s been about a month since the last status update, which is pretty quiet.

How are we looking for the next sit rep?

Strangely, of all the things that are not in the latest version of the desktop app, the one that I miss the most is the ability to drag cards around. I didn’t actually realize how much that I like the ability to move cords around within the tree until I couldn’t.

Weirdly frustrating.

Thanks @SquidLord for checking in, and the feedback on drag-and-drop. For the record, I especially like “the one thing I miss the most” type comments, because it shows me where to focus on to get to perceived feature parity.

As for the pace of developments, I’m sorry about the delay everyone. I mentioned it somewhere, but my wife and I are on an unpredictable work schedule for a time. Her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 4), so my wife is spending a lot of time with her (quality time, as well as driving to hospital for treatment, etc). That means that I’m spending much more time with my boy. Sometimes we have to drop even the two work days we get when he goes to daycare, if my mother-in-law in in hospital.

That’s not to say I don’t have time to work… only that I need to be extra focused with the time I have. I’m getting better at that, so things will pick up soon, fate permitting. :slight_smile:

Keep the feedback coming!
Especially the “I really miss feature X” type, as opposed to small bugs.

PS: it’s been 20 days, not a month :wink:

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I don’t see the current Linux package in your Dropbox. Am I meant to install it from the deb in the Previous-Versions folder?

The package is there, but it’s not a *.deb like previous versions have been. I switched to AppImage.

Download it, make executable, then run.

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Love where this is going. The two features I’m missing most at the moment:

  1. Drag and drop re-ordering (previously mentioned)

  2. Template import (as a writer, the one for writers/screenplays on the original Gingkoapp, was a stroke of genius!)

Keep it up and all the best to your family at this difficult time.

Sorry about your wife’s mom. :frowning: