Ful Screen Navigation Improvements

In the current full screen viewing mode, it is useful for viewing longer, more dense cards, but easy to get lost once you start scrolling around. My suggested solution to avoid getting lost and to avoid having to jump between normal view and full screen view while navigating would be to include “street signs” (not sure what a good term would be) as so:

  • the parent title on the left border
  • the next/prev sibling titles on the bottom/top
  • the first/current child on the right border

A mockup would look like:

It would be best if these could be toggled, as it is distracting when you just want to focus on the content of the card. But regardless, I think it would be worth the minimal extra complexity: perhaps shortcut for toggling or preference checkbox. A better option is lowering the opacity so they aren’t distracting when focusing on the main content, which adds 0 extra complexity! But I’m worry users may still be distracted by this.

IMO, this would be a useful feature for anyone that likes editing, navigating in full screen mode, which is quite a general use case (as we want to avoid making requests that only benefit a small subset of users/special use cases).

I recognize that full screen viewing/editing is still an experiment. But if it is ever further developed, I think this extra feature would be a boon for users who want to navigate while staying in full screen mode.

Also, this suggestion is only valuable if the first line of a card is regarded as the title, which I believe will be the future standard.

Any comments/suggestions?