Extending keyboard shortcuts for view-only mode

As a longtime user, recent subscriber and fan of Gingko (primarily using the online v1), I’ve noticed that in view-only mode it doesn’t have the useful viewing keyboard shortcuts that feature when the cards are editable/draggable. For example, it’d be useful to have = still focus on a sub-tree of a card, and - reveal the whole tree when in view-only mode. Another useful function would be to have F still display a card full-screen in view-only mode.

I like being able to access a view-only version of my tree and I want to browse through it without accidentally dragging/editing anything. An equivalent of this might be to toggle read-only mode in the overall tree editor itself, so the functionality doesn’t have to be transferred and the worry of accidentally editing a polished tree is eliminated.

As it stands, though, being able to focus on sub-trees/cards or view them in full screen even when on a view-only version of a tree would be highly useful!