Duplicating a node/tree?

Note: This suggestion is related to the Node/tree Clipboard topic, but perhaps its different enough to warrant its own discussion.

I would like to have the ability to duplicate a node and its subsidiary nodes. I like to give my notes some structure, so I have often found myself creating a template that I may use multiple times in one tree. Right now these need to be replicated manually, a process that seems unnecessary. It would be great to have a clipboard function that allowed me to easily copy a node (and its subsidiaries, if desired) and paste it.

This would require some way of selecting which nodes get added to the clipboard (perhaps SHIFT+clicking the nodes - a common method used for selecting multiple items in other applications).


Hi Maynard.

Thanks for sharing.
There is a way to copy parts of your tree currently, but it’s a little involved:

  1. Export the card & subtree with JSON format
  2. Paste the JSON into a card where you want the copy to go.
  3. Press Shift-Ctrl-Enter to import that JSON (essentially copying the tree).

An alternative for creating a template of a whole tree, is to make a tree that’s just the template, and then copy it every time you need new notes using that structure.

Does that help?

PS: I’ve moved this topic to the “Help” category, and renamed it.
The Node/tree Clipboard topic is where we’re discussing copy/pasting as a new feature.


How do you Copy a template?

Visiting any public tree (including templates), you’ll be able to see “Copy/View As” at top:

If you’re in a template or tree you created, you can find “Copy” at the bottom of the “Tree Settings” menu (click on the tree’s title):