Default Save Location

What is the default save location for new files and how can that be changed?

With the new dashboard save/open module, I cannot see where files are saved and cannot seem to specify where they are saved. I created and saved it, and confirmed I can re-open it but it is not saved near the appimage, nor near the previous files I had. I want to be able to save onto an encrypted thumbdrive if at all possible.

Am using 2.1.2 Appimage on Ubuntu 16.04


Hi @inkstain

I’m working on both showing, and allowing you to change, the save locations. But for now, your data is saved in database folders at:

Can you please direct me to where the default saved location is for Windows 10?


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I am not able to see where (in Windows 10) the file has been saved. For so many reasons this change is totally unwelcomed because I need to save my files in different locations.
I think this is for many a basic need which cannot be replaced by the dashboard.
I saw many progress in the recent versions but this one is definitely a regression.

Hi @Adriano,
So there is no way to save to a .gko file anymore?
I just discovered Gingko and quite like it, and I’m trying to see how I could work with it. I was planning to work in Gingko then add the .gko file to a git repository along with other project files. If it’s all somewhere in .config lost among all other GIngko files, it means I have to export as JSON every time I modify the tree then commit the JSON. It’s a little cumbersome, especially since Gingko does not seem to track the last export directory.

Hi Adriano,
your reply on this issue would really be very much appreciated.
Thanks and regards.

Hi All.

I released version 2.2.0, and saving to/loading from *.gko files is back.

It was a poor design decision to do it the other way, and I’m sorry about all the confusion.

Once Gingko auto-updates for you, you’ll be able to open all the documents you’ve saved in previous versions (including the ones that saved to default save location inside hidden folder), and then you’ll be allowed to choose a new save location for the data.

Let me know here, or via in-app chat, if you have any questions.

Thanks Adrian. It works smoothly now.

Many thanks for re-adding the manual save location! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the changes! However (on Archlinux/AUR package) I’m getting the following error when trying to save as .gko:

Unhandled Promise Rejection
Error: spawn EACCES
at zipFolder (/opt/gingko/resources/app.asar/electron.js:224146:11)
at Object.saveSwapFolderAs (/opt/gingko/resources/app.asar/electron.js:223746:11)

Subsequent attempts give the error:

Unhandled Promise Rejection
Error: Could not create new swap folder.
Swap folder already exists.
Either document is already open, or it failed to close properly in the past.
    at swapCopy (/opt/gingko/resources/app.asar/electron.js:224099:11)
    at <anonymous>

Any tips?

Edit: it was related to the AUR package, now fixed by the maintainer. Everything is working fine on Archlinux now.