Copy and paste on Mac still does not work

Really more a bug than a feature request:
As in the previous version of Gingko:
Copy and paste on the mac does not work.
This means: I cannot copy and paste from other programs and I cannot copy and paste from inside Gingko.

You should probably check the framework you are using for help with that as this should be a very common topic.

I am using Mac Os Sierra (10.12) . I used to have El Capitan (10.11)


Thanks for letting me know.

I updated the framework I’m using (electron) to latest version, specifically because I believed it would fix this issue. I have to keep digging then.

I’m sorry about the delay with fixing this. I don’t have access to a Mac except as a virtual machine, so it’s much difficult for me to debug.

Hey Adriano,

it seems you have to actively enable copy and paste to work on the mac.

Check this out:

Electron - Enable copy and paste

Thank you so much for doing the digging on this!
Really helps me out :grinning:.

I’ll make the change for next release.

EDIT: This should be fixed now, in release 0.1.5.