Can I insert a file into a card (or just images)?

Trying to insert / save an email (.msg) to one of my cards.

Rather than copy and paste all the contents, easier if I drag it into the card and it then becomes something I can then open up / refer back to later, when I’m going through the cards again.

Or is Gingko simply not designed to do this i.e. you can only insert (save) images into cards?

Apologies if this has already been answered or is covered somewhere else. I did a search but couldn’t find the answer.


No response, Adriano?

Adriano - are you alive and well?

Or are you just no longer policing / responding to community questions etc.?

(Which is all good if you’ve done that … just then concerns me about continuing to use the app).

Edit: As a parochial USian speaking out of my hat yesterday, I neglected to consider that in more economically developed parts of the world, there’s another activity that families often undertake in the month of August. Even in this one.

No certainties here, but Gingkoing with confidence.

Rgds - Jerome