Bug in Export of Large(ish) Tree

I’ve been using Gingko to edit rather complicated blog posts and, unsurprisingly, it’s been doing a bang-up job.

But for some reason tonight I’ve had a problem working with a longer piece (https://gingkoapp.com/e0vlmg) where an export rooted at a card both to HTML and to Markdown both failed to export the complete file. They terminate at a point a card before the end, in fact.

There was an issue earlier where the browser popped an error saying that there was insufficient disk space to save the file – but that was ludicrous, there was plenty of file space left on the disc (all discs, in fact), and it went away after a reload.

There seems to be some lingering issues with updating, however.

Is there some action going on the server-side which may be impacting my experience?