Android app planned?

is there any plan for an Android app? It would be very useful.

As a Premium User I’ve just sign up to the community to bump this most important feature for me.
Any news?

Too much important for me, also.

A mobile OS version of Gingko really is vital. Developing just for the web is a very old model. The world has moved on. And everyone gets that (to a greater or lesser degree).

But one might adopt HTML5 and an adaptive interface and that may suffice. How well does Gingko run in Chrome on Android?

Related to the platform is adapting to changes outside of the development path of a particular software application. One way to do that is to put as much power to change into the users’ hands as is practicable as soon as possible. Users, your trust, Yoda might say.

I don’t think Adriano is looking to his community. I won’t subscribe as a Premium user for the next year.

I’m honestly surprised this didn’t even earn a response from Adriano. This forum is not busy enough for him to “miss” this thread so I’ve got to assume it was intentional. As you guys have mentioned, mobile is crucial in this day and age. I’m wondering if Adriano focusing on a desktop app instead of a mobile app was a mistake.

Personally, I stopped using Gingko precisely due to the inconvenience of adding to it (or referring to it) from my phone. Although I’m an iOS user, unlike you.

I came here because I’m transferring my data from Gingko to another app and I tried to find out if Adriano said anything about mobile. Such a pity.

TBH, mobile browsers are good enough nowadays that I don’t have a problem using the webapp in a mobile browser. Works perfectly well for me and saves developer time since he doesn’t have to make 15 different versions of the same thing.

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