About the Improving Gingko category

This is a place to make suggestions for improving Gingko.
To make this constructive, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Continual Improvement: I use Gingko constantly, and am continually striving to make it better.
    My priority is on improving things for those of you who use Gingko frequently.
  • Focused: Gingko should be as simple as possible, and no simpler. All creative projects require relentless editing in order to focus on the few things that really matter, and to be able to do them well.
  • Vision-based: There is a place for voting and committees, but Gingko is primarily developed according to my long-term vision. Please contribute novel ideas that add to the discussion, and avoid “+1” replies.
  • Concrete: Be as specific and concrete as possible with your suggestions.
    A mockup sketch, no matter how rough, helps assure we understand each other.
  • Personal: When giving feedback, remember you are talking directly to its creator.
    Be constructive, and be nice :wink:

You can read more in the post on Gingko’s Development Philosophy.

Looking forward to thoughtful discussions!