502 Bad Gateway when I try to enter gingkoapp.com

Whenever I try to access https://gingkoapp.com I get:

502 Bad Gateway


I’ve tried the new version at app.gingkowriter.com, but I can’t migrate my old files. When I try it shows a pop-up with:

Import From Gingko v1
Checking to see if you’re logged in or not:

But nothing happens after that.

I really need to access my files, I have some stuff that’s not backed up locally.

Please help out

I was having the same problem, but gingkoapp.com seems to be working now.

I’d say if the change to gingkowriter is going to be forced, a reliable method to transfer the data should be provided. I have a huge amount data stored in my gingkoapp that I cannot afford to loose.

Hi all,

Yes, the site was down (just when a lot of people were trying out new version and wanted to migrate… bad timing :sweat_smile: ).

Absolutely being able to reliably transfer is a must have.

So far (as long as old Gingko isn’t down), most have had no issues transferring over using the steps.


I was able to migrate my files without any problems. All good! Thanks