Using Gingko in iOS

I just discovered Gingko this afternoon and have been playing around with it. I can see this becoming a go-to tool for the writing I do. But a comment / question / observation about using the web app in iOS.

Initially it seemed from comments here that it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done. Yet I find that it works fine on my iPhone, iOS 12.2, using the Chrome web browser. (Safari, not so well.) Before I commit to this, I want to make sure this works by design and isn’t just an accident. I really like the design of the app.

LATER COMMENT: I would expect to be doing most of my writing on a laptop. But I would like to be able to make occasional updates through a mobile device.

Yes, it’s by design. Though you’re right, Safari isn’t that well supported, and Chrome is a better way to go.

Actually, since previous post I’ve been using Safari on my iPhone and iPad, with onscreen and external keyboards, and haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t work.