Search and replace?


I cannot find any mechanism to do a tree-wide (or column-wide or card-wide) search and replace operation, much to my chagrin. I’m starting wonder if the feature exists at all. Any tips?

If not, then I suppose this is really a feature request. Find/Replace is found all authoring tools in some form, and adding it to Gingko seems to fulfill the criteria laid out in the dev philosophy post - all user personas would find it useful, the concept is simple rather than complex, and can be implemented as a logical extension of the existing search tools.


Hi there @pfw

You can find a function for “Find & Replace” in the API docs:

Sorry that it’s a bit hidden. Let us know here if you have any trouble.


Thanks Adriano! I’ll give it a shot later.

Any chance this could go on the roadmap as a feature in the main app versus exposed via the api? Find/replace is an important tool for large living documents.


Yes, it’ll be something I’ll have to add, but to Gingko 2. Definitely an important feature.