How to exit without saving changes? (and restore a backup)


hi there. first up, i’m a newbie. so apologies if the answer to this question already exists somewhere. mind you, did a search among existing topics. couldn’t find it.

two simple (related) questions:

  1. if i’ve made changes to a tree but then want to exit without saving any of them, how do i do this? currently when i exit it doesn’t seem to want to let me, without saving what has been done.

  2. how do i restore a backup? this question has been asked before; there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer. (well, not one that i can follow.) i have the gingko_backup TXT file sitting on my computer, ready to be restored. is there an “import backup” feature somewhere?

thanks to anyone who can help with this / point me in the right direction.

cheers, paul


Hi Paul,

I am not sure what you mean in your question 1. Changes are saved every time you finish editing a card, either by pressing the green checkmark at bottom-right, or pressing Ctrl+Enter. So there’s no way to go back to a previous version of the tree (yet… the Desktop version does have this, though).

To restore a backup, you’ll have to email me the file. I haven’t automated it, as it’s something that so far has rarely been needed.

Does that help?


hi adriano,

re question 1: thanks for clarifying how to save changes e.g. by pressing ctrl+enter. but what i wanted to know is how we can exit WITHOUT saving any changes? in other words, how can i exit a tree (or card) i have done a bit of work on, without saving the changes i have made since opening it? if this can be done, it means i will then end up with the tree (or card) that existed before i started making additions/changes. now perhaps the system doesn’t work this way? fair enough if that’s the case … but would be great to know if it’s possible.

re restoring a backup (question 2), yes you have helped clarify this. if you decide to automate this feature at some point, that would be fantastic!

thanks again. i hope i have clarified what i meant in question 1. if not, let me know and i will try again (my writing skills certainly need improving).


Ok, I understand your question. To exit a card without saving the changes you just made, press Esc. But once you’ve saved any changes, those changes are sent to the server right away, so it doesn’t matter when you’ve opened Gingko. It’s like Google docs (except, without Undo! :confused:). So in summary, no the system doesn’t work the way you were expecting.

Let me know if that answers your questions.


hi adriano.

got it. thanks.