Gingko Desktop Beta


TLDR; Gingko is for 64-bit computers

You probably already know this, but just an FYI for other people like me who might’ve missed the memo. :slight_smile:

I downloaded the file called Gingko Setup 0.2.0.exe and tried to install it. I couldn’t get it to work, but I wasn’t surprised, because I don’t have admin rights at my workstation.

I tried it at home this morning (Windows 8.1 laptop, Intel Core i3-3217U, 64-bit OS, x64-based processor). At first nothing seemed to happen, so I clicked it again, and it started to run 2 instances. I cancelled one. The other one ran for a bit, and then claimed “setup failed: MSVCP140.dll missing.”

At this point, I figured I had downloaded the wrong file, since the welcome message specified “no install.” In the middle of downloading, I suddenly saw a Gingko program running! (Except my download wasn’t done, so it could only have come from the setup file.)

Mysterious and wonderful! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to mess around with it any more, so I just copied everything to a flash drive to try again at work.

Alas, my office workstation (Windows 7 Professional, SP1; Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7500; 32-bit O/S) was more definite in the error message when tried running Gingko.exe after unzipping “This version of the file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of your program, and then contact the software publisher.”

Oh, well. I’ll use the online version at work, but I can’t wait to try the desktop version again when I get home!


Oops! Thanks for the info. I think I can build 32-bit versions as well. If so, I’ll definitely include them as well.


Thank you! Only if you have time, of course… after all, when all is said and done, 32-bit computers will eventually phase out. :slight_smile:


Adriano, I see that Kathryn’s running v1.4.14 on El Capitan. I’m also running El Capitan. I just downloaded Gingko yesterday from the link I received from you by email, and it’s only v. 0.8.2. What is the latest version, and how can I get it?


And the Dropbox link you posted on another thread contains v0.1.7 for Mac. Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove or update those links.


I’m not seeing a file with the .swp suffix in the same directory as the original file. Does this feature still exist?


The version numbers here were a bit confused, because people were finding the version of the underlying technologies I was using. As of today (2017-12-19), 0.8.2 is the latest version.

I’ve removed those files from the dropbox to avoid confusion, and I’m closing this topic as it’s old.
Thanks all!