Collapsible Cards - Would you like this feature? (video preview)


The idea is to make the user experience a little neater. I created a little video using some javascript inside the card to make this work. I would just like to see the titles and use that as my guide so it is more of an outline. When and only when I want to see a greater level of detail would I want to expand and devote screen space to that information. The other titles would remain collapsed and not take up space. Perhaps it can be done by adding this code to the source and automatically filling in the unique card detail info into the part of the javascript that requires a unique attribute?

Not sure but I think it is possible. Video demo below

Video Link


Ok, looks like after some searching I found some markdown code on the following discussion that may help to provide an approximate solution

Collapsible Contents

New Issue:

Now just want to figure out a way to be able to expand and collapse with the keyboard without having to use the mouse.


Found a solution to this and wondering how many other Gingko Users would find this helpful. If so, please leave a comment. If not, then as you were :slight_smile:


Just take a look at the You Tube Video below. Another benefit of this is using Gingko as a flash card solution. This is possible if you have collapsible cards. Let me know your thoughts.


I would love this. I came to the discussion group specifically looking to see if this feature existed or had been requested. Please implement!


Glad to hear it. This is a DIY project. Using my own custom code. I can provide you with the code I use and you can test it out on your end. Just need to make some final tweaks. I also have another project that compliments this one which I’ll post about soon.



It looks wonderful. The transitions are also silky smooth. Would love a feature like this.

Do you have any plans for any indicators that a card has hidden text?


The way I envision it every card is collapsed until you are ready to view it so a “thin outline” is maintained throughout for the purpose of easy navigation.

I outsourced the creation of the code to developer and it works now Just have to install it inside one of the cards in the tree.


I would also like to have a feature to “collapse cards”. The issue is that some longer cards push other cards up/down and you can thus lose context.

This might be better implemented as “show me the first x lines of cards” as a default in settings and the ability to expand/collapse each card individually to override the default. Collapsing the card would return it to the default.

I also saw a comment regarding whether there should be a visual indicator if text is hidden. I agree that a visual indicator is welcome. I suggest it be in the text itself so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to know there is more text. It could possibly a simple “…read more” link.


Hi Garfield. I just saw your video and it looks fantastic. Just what I need. Would you kindly send me the code?

Thanks a lot.



I would love this feature. As a screenwriter it makes it easier to glance at the story but unfortunately I don’t know anything about coding so wouldn’t know how to add it in to the source code