Cards Out of the Order


After I work for a while, typically after copy/pasting, my cards end up out of order in some way. They still appear in order, but I can’t navigate between them or move them properly. When I try to, it acts as though there is a card hidden somewhere.

This happens almost every single time I copy/paste a tree from the Screenwriting template to a different tree that I’m working in. But I’ve had it happen while working in a regular tree, as well.

And there’s this gray box at the bottom of the column that makes it look like there’s something there, but there’s not.

I think this problem may be in the back end, like cards that I didn’t intend to create are being created.

I’m using the web app on a Mac (High Sierra) with Chrome.

Thanks for any help on this.


Found a strange workaround. If I enable LaTex and then disable it, whatever code was messed up in the navigation corrects itself.

This worries me a bit, as I really don’t want to lose work if there’s more to this bug, but it seems to work for now.


Thanks for posting your question, and workaround here. Sometimes the position index of a card gets a little off, so you won’t lose work due to this… worst case is you’ll continue to see it out of order, and might add a card that won’t be visible. Not great, but it’ll still be saved in the database and recoverable.

I’ll look into this to see if there’s an obvious fix, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, all my current energy is going into Gingko 2 (which is a from-scratch rewrite that is much more stable).

If you have trouble with this again, let me know which tree it is and I’ll look into fixing it manually for you.

Does that help?
Or is this one of those not-really-an-answer posts :stuck_out_tongue:


That helps.

I’m new here, and unfamiliar with your work on Gingko 2. When do you expect a launch for it?


I’m soft-launching soon. It’s essentially out of beta (which is always a loose boundary… when is something as malleable as software considered “done” ?).

You can see other user’s feedback on the current version here:

You can download it here:


Thanks! I’ll check it out.