Card contents right justified


I have created a card and somehow it is now right justified.
The markdown code is now right to left but words are still left to right.
E.g. ###Detailed Timeline is to the right of the card and is viewed while editing as Detailed Timeline###

If I empty the card, the cursor is right justified.
If I copy anything, it pastes right to left (i.e. correctly)

It is confusing to use and obviously is not working right.
It is possible I entered something when trying to exit the card that was a command to do this, so I am hoping someone can tell me what it was so I can set the card back to left justified!

If not I will just delete the card but am posting because it is either an obscure command that can be used accidentally, or a bug.



Did you copy any custom javascript into your tree?

There’s a hack floating around to get Gingko to support Right To Left text editing for RTL languages, and that might be the issue here.

Another possibility (since it’s not something I’ve heard of before from anyone else), is a conflict with a chrome extension or something else installed on your machine?


Hi Adriano,

There’s a hack floating around to get Gingko to support Right To Left text editing for RTL languages

Can you please share this JS hack and how to use it?

Gingkoapp looks so awesome. This is my first time using it. I use some RTL language (Hebrew), and when editing notes eveything is good, as I press Ctrl+Shift to align the text to the right. The problem is that this alignment is not saved in view mode. It is really hard to focus and read when all the text has wrong alignment, and it really hurts the flow, and makes it hard to think and grasp the big picture of the project. If there’s some quick hack that can fix it for me, I must try it!



Hi @nossi

I got too many frustrated user requests when the hack was available (even if it said “it’s only a hack”).

So, here’s a start for this hack, but if you find it unusable, please try to fix it and report back here. I wish I could support RTL languages easily, but I have a lot on my plate right now getting “Gingko v2” done.

Paste this in any card, and see if that helps.

* {
direction: rtl;