AZERTY french keyboard shortcuts fail (/ and ?)


Hi there,

Great software by the way :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed some little problems with some shortcuts on AZERTY keyboard, the β€œ?” and the β€œ/” are not triggering for the right key, ie :

Those two keys works well on the key that indicates β€œ/” and β€œ:” on the AZERTY, so I presume it’s about the keycode returned by javascript, perhaps is there a way to get the ascii code and not the numeric one, ie β€œ?” instead of β€œ142”.

I dont use GingkoApp yet and it is a very small problem, but I wanted to share it.

PS : it’s possible other shortcuts run down the same problem.

Donc pour les utilisateurs franΓ§ais : utilisez les touches β€œ/” et β€œ:” au lieu de β€œ?” et β€œ/”


Same with German QWERTZ keyboard :frowning:


Thanks for the heads up on this.

You can make your own custom keyboard combinations for Gingko. This is described in the API docs under β€œCustom Shortcuts”.

Let me know here if that works for you, or if you need more clarification.
I would love to support as many languages and environments as possible, but for now, this is the best I can do.